About Dr. Alvarez

Education is the foundation for any doctor. Dr. Alvarez earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in May 1992 from Indiana University. He continued his education at the Indiana University School of Dentistry and then graduated with his Doctorate in Dental Surgery in May of 1996.

In order to continue to improve and stay current, Dr. Alvarez and his staff are continuously attending the best dental seminars around the country. He is a graduate of the Hornbrook Comprehensive Aesthetic Dentistry Continuum. He also has taken many courses from the Dawson Academy which has given Dr. Alvarez a profound understanding of contemporary esthetic procedures. This enables Dr. Alvarez to provide beautiful, functionally correct dentistry. There is no substitute for experience and learning how and when to use new materials and techniques.

Dr. Alvarez is an active member of the American Dental Association, Indianapolis District Dental Society and the Indiana Dental Association, the Indianapolis General Dentistry Study Club, and the Indianapolis Dental Peer Review committee. He is also a part-time clinical instructor at the Indiana University School of Dentistry, teaching Junior and Senior dental students clinical techniques. Dr. Alvarez is an active volunteer dentist at the local Trinity Free Clinic and . Dr. Alvarez and his wife, Veronique, have two girls, Aubrie and Alexa.

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